Change is coming to Relentless.

Over the years we’ve worked hard to bring a local offer of a solid competitive controller to Aussie gamers. Some things we’ve done well – and sometimes we’ve got it wrong. But we’ve always cared, and done our best to look after our customers.

We’ve invested in tournaments to give you something to play for – more than you probably know. We’ve never asked and always maintained we’d never ride off anyone else’s success – and never have.

As time went on, the offer increased, builds have become more complex and take more time. 

Family comes first.

As builds take more time, the queue increases, and the work-life balance is so far from balanced it becomes unfair to family. I can’t continue to not be able to play with my kids, not watch my new daughter grow up – not even have the time to get out and mow the lawn.

While this may sound ominous – Relentless is not dead.

But the offer will be simpler, and realigned to the initial goal – a simple controller, from a local brand with a no bullshit approach to looking after our customers.

Effective Monday the 21st October, we will maintain all visual customisation, and offer 2 rear buttons with the choice of non-remappable, Remappable or Rapid Fire. (yep – Rapid Fire!). All other features will be removed. We will not take special requests. We WILL continue to support existing builds.

I understand and know that this won’t be for everyone, and some people simply won’t care – and that’s OK with us. This isn’t “giving up” – this is prioritising what’s important.

For now and the foreseeable future – family comes first.

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