Relentless Controllers is an Australian small business operating from the Central Coast of NSW.

Relentless Controllers aims to bring custom controllers at affordable prices. 

Since 2017 we’ve explored many options and opportunities to bring custom controllers to local gamers, at competitive prices.

We’ve supported eSports teams, local competitive tournaments, and a number of streamers and content creators.


Some textures and features may have a slightly raised surface after clear coat, specifically splatter effects/blood drips.

While we do our best to ensure the image represents colour as accurately as possible, each batch may have slight variations in shade and tint.

More specifically the following details may vary;

  • Cracking
  • Chipping
  • Weathering
  • Blood
  • Bruising

To ensure your controller lasts, it’s important to look after it and keep it clean.

We recommend using a slightly damp cloth to wipe away any grime and dust. Using chemical cleaners is not necessary, and may damage the surface of the controller.

We only supply genuine controllers with our work, from local Australian distributors and suppliers.

When selecting a touchpad nametag, we paint the nametag, then seal with a semi gloss lacquer. Due to the protective coating, in some cases the touch feature may not function.


Depending on the product you have ordered, your expected order time will vary.

Estimated wait times are indicated on the Build page for ease controller option.


Choosing the Send-In option requires you to send your existing controller to us.

  • Controller must be current version, PS4 – Must have lightbar in the touchpad (JDM-040, 050, 055) Xbox – Must be Xbox One S
  • You are responsible for packing and sending your controller to us
  • Controller must be functional, we take no responsibility if your controller does not function
  • As we have no indication of the age or use of your controller, no warranty is offered for any send -in controller

When we sell through the available stock, products will move to a backorder status.

When selecting a product for backorder, your are accepting that the product IS NOT currently available, and will have an increased wait time.

For custom painted products, this wait time can be 2-4 weeks.

If you do not wish to wait, please do not order a back ordered product.

We can work with you on your own design concept, agreeing to a custom design is at our discretion, and in some cases we may decline.

This will depend on current workloads, current available time and our interest in your concept.

We offer no specific time frames for a custom design, as the process can vary greatly depending on the designs and elements used.

We accept PayPal, Credit Card and AfterPay.


We currently ship within Australia only.

With time and as requested, we may add additional locations. Please contact us to see if we can ship to you.

Any additional fees for international shipping are the expense of the customer. 

All orders are shipped with Australia Post. Within Australia shipping times can vary from 2-8 business days, depending on your location. Remote locations may have a longer delivery time frame.

Once your order is shipped, we cannot expedite or rush your delivery. Please take into account your location – the further from us (NSW), the longer it will take to deliver.

We take no responsibility if your delivery encounters a delay, or takes longer than the estimated time frame.

We ship to residential, business, PO Boxes and Parcel Lockers.

You are responsible for ensuring the correct delivery address in entered at the time of order. Should you incorrectly enter your mailing address, please contact us or log into your account, and update shipping details ASAP.

Warranty & Returns

When we open the controller, the manufacturer warranty is void. We offer a limited warranty of 6 months for faults with the internal components of the controller.

  • Any physical damage, liquid damage or damage caused from misuse is not covered by any warranty.
  • Any damage or faults caused due to improper care, inclusive of sweat, grim and pet hair entering the controller is not covered by any warranty.

No warranty is offered for general wear and tear from use, including scratching, chipping or fading.

We do not offer a change of mind return service for non-faulty controllers. If you’re not sure on a particular option, please get in touch – we are more than happy to help with the right controller for your use.

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