Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 6 month warranty on your new controller. This covers all faults with your controller. While we always take pride in our builds, and always ensure that they are fully functional prior to being shipped, things can go wrong from time to time, and our focus is getting this fixed and back to you ASAP.

Wear and tear is only covered for a maximum of 90 days.

To inform us of a fault, please fill in the return request form by CLICKING HERE

We offer 5 days to play your new controller. If you are unsatisfied with your controller, please contact us by CLICKING HERE.

Due to all controllers being vastly different, in most cases we cannot reuse some parts, and due to this all refunds will incur a 15% restocking fee deducted from your purchase price.

If you are not sure what your buying – GET IN TOUCH! We are happy to answer any questions to ensure you are confident that what you are buying is right for you. We will NEVER recommend anything that is not suitable for your specific use.

If 5 days has passed we unfortunately cannot offer a refund.

You can log into your account, select your order, and any status updates will be visible. 

The status updates are as follows:

  • In Build Queue – Build Queue is displayed at the top of every page on our site.
  • Building – Once in building status, we are in the process of picking, preparing and building your controller. This status may remain for 48hrs.
  • Testing – Once built, we are nearly there! We test all features of your controller to ensure it’s ready to play.
  • Completed – When complete, it’s on the way! You will be able to track delivery through the tracking link in your order. We ship through Australia Post.

Life expectancy of a controller of any type can vary greatly depending on usage.

When used regularly for long periods (competition gaming, streaming), the expected lifespan will reduce, however we have had feedback of controllers still going strong after a number of years.

Taking care of, and maintaining your controller will increase it’s lifespan. The most common causes of issues is cleanliness – sweat and pet hair finds it’s way into places that dramatically reduce the lifespan of components.

With our 6 month warranty, we will cover repair/replacement of all faults.


We only use Official Sony PS4 controllers sourced from the best suppliers locally, right here in Australia.

To have the ability to remap rear buttons, you must select “Remappable” in the controller builder.

Step 1. Hold down the touchpad until you see an led flash in the lightbar, this enables remapping mode.

Step 2. Next, press the button you would like to map, eg X. The led will flash 3 times indicating your selection.

Step 3. Then press the rear button you would like to map to, eg Left Rear. The led will flash 3 times, indicating that the button has been remapped.

Step 4. Repeat Step 1 & 2 to remap further buttons.

Step 5. When all buttons have been remapped, press the touchpad once again to exit remapping mode. The led will flash 3 times to indicate that remapping mode has been exited.

SnapShot triggers convert the normal triggers into fast firing mouse clicks, with approx. 1mm of movement.

In games where fast reactions are required, SnapShot can give you quicker reactions to fire faster and get the edge on your opponent. The switches we use are rated for 5 million clicks.

Paddles. Buttons. What’s best?

We offer rear buttons as we believe they are more ergonomic and located in a more natural location to where your fingers typically rest when holding a controller.

Buttons are also more reliable and rarely fail – paddles add an additional plastic part that is regularly being pressed and squeezed, and are more likely to break, sooner or later.

If you wish to add additional options to an existing build, please contact us at

We are more than happy to assist you with additional options at any time.

You are responsible for all shipping costs involved.

We offer payment through PayPal, Credit Card and are the only only Australian custom controller provider with AfterPay.

Find a lower price. Let us know at 

No local competitor will beat us on price.

While comparing prices, we will look for equivalent build options and total equivalent build cost.

Soon we will be offering a service called Custom Art, where you will be able to have a truly unique, one off controller.

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