Select the SnapShot option for triggers to replace the existing R2/L2 with fast firing, tactile switches. We use the same switches found in high end gaming mice, with a life expectancy of 5 million activations.

Increase reaction times by removing any progressive trigger pull, ensuring you fire first - everytime


We offer one of the easiest and fastest remapping options anywhere, no tools required. Simply hold the touchpad until you see a red light in the lightbar to activate remapping mode.

Press the button you want to map, EG - X (red flash), then press the rear button you want to map to (red flash). When you have completed remapping, press the touchpad again to exit remapping mode.

Rear Pro Buttons

With Rear Pro Buttons - Play like the pros. Allows additional movement and manoeuvrability not possible with a standard controller.

We offer 2 rear buttons standard - but are more than happy to assist with extra.

Choose from 2 rear buttons types - Standard with a satisying click, or a quiet option with a raised cap.

Textured Rear Shell

Selecting the rear textured shell offers a rear grip in various colours to suit your build.

For long playing sessions – try a rear grip for more comfort.

Design it

Your controller - your design.

Using our responsive visual builder - see your design come to life as you choose from a variety of options.

Custom Art

Looking for something entirely unique?

Contact us to see how we can help with an entirely, hand-painted custom design.

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