So your interested in Rapid Fire huh?

Before purchasing a Rapid Fire controller – we really (REALLY) encourage you to familiarise yourself with the Rapid Fire guide.

While the options within the Rapid Fire Controllers by default are simple and easy to use – by reading the guide you will also learn that it can be quite complex. As with the purchase of any product, reading the instructions will make the use of it more enjoyable.

  • Not all settings will work on all games
  • Not all features will work on all games
  • Rapid Fire cannot also contain SnapShot triggers in the same build.
  • By changing settings you may in some cases have a less than enjoyable experience
  • 99% of issues relating to Rapid Fire are caused by inadvertently activating a setting, or making a change to a setting, causing a negative gaming experience.
  • Reading through the guide will assist you should you encounter an issue.

Select the blue button to view the guide. Select the pink button to build.

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