Change Of Mind

While we hope you love your new controller, sometimes it just wasn’t mean to be.

We allow a period of 5 days from date of delivery to return your controller.

  • Please ensure the controller is in as new condition, clean and free of grime.    
  • Controller must be fully functional
  • Controller must show no evidence of tampering
  • Any accessories must be in as new condition
If the controller shows signs of abuse or significant use, we reserve the right to refuse a refund request, in this case the controller will be returned to you as is.

As each controller is built specifically to the customers choices, often we cannot reuse some parts. For this reason, any change of mind purchases are inclusive of a 15% restocking fee, and any applicable shipping costs.

No refund will be provided for any non-returned accessories.


It sucks when things go wrong. But be assured that in the event of a fault, we will do our very best to resolve any faults, as quick as possible. 

We offer a 6 MONTH warranty for any faults with your new controller. If you have come across an issue with your controller within SIX months, please contact us using the below form. For all warranty requests within SIX months, we will cover all shipping and necessary repairs, by providing you with a return shipping label. You must print the return label, package your controller, attach the label and drop off at any Australia Post outlet.

Please be aware we do not offer a returns service for any faults caused by misuse, including spillage and physical damage. Should your controller be damaged through misuse, we will quote a repair, with the price inclusive of a new controller.


  • For a period of no longer than 6 months from purchase date, we will cover the cost of any repair relating to internal build options listed below.
    • Rear button failure
    • SnapShot trigger failure
    • Remap chip failure
    • Thumbstick deterioration
    • Face buttons not activating
    • Thumstick drift
  • Wear and tear is not covered after 3 months of use.
  • Repairs outside of our warranty period will require you to ship the controller to us, plus any required costs associated with repair.

If you have dropped your controller causing a fault – please tell us. If we know what faults occur during a drop/fall, this is actually helpful for us to identify if we can in fact improve something to reduce risk during a drop. We won’t judge you – but will definitely thank you!

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